Panzer V Tank

Panzer V tank photo

The PzKw V or Panther Tank was developed in 1942 in response to the Soviet T34. The Panther was a medium tank and tipped the scales at 50 tons combat weight. Its 7.5 mm gun could knock out most allied tanks at a distance of ¾ of a mile. The armor of the Panther was well designed and provided effective shot deflection. Considered by many to be the best tank of the war, captured Panthers remained in service well into the 1950s in the French army.


Link #2. PzKw V (Panther). 26 ½ inches long. This link (below) was discovered outside the city of Kiev in the Ukraine. The tank was part of the German 4th Panzer Army, tasked in 1943 with the defense of occupied Kiev. After several attempts the Soviets crossed the Dnieper River and liberated the city. The 4th Panzer Army was forced to retreat after inflecting and taking heavy causalities.

Panzer V link photo

This Track section is associated with the link described above. It will be mounted on a 3 x 4 foot panel that replicates battlefield conditions.

Panzer V tank track section photo