Battlefields East

Battlefields East is the world's leading producer of museum quality reproduction links and track sections from famous WWII tanks and other military artifacts. While we primarily sell to museums and public institutions, we are now open to the public for personal collectors.


Museum Quality Track Sections from Famous WW II Tanks

All of our tank track sections and links are cast from molds made from the original relics recovered from the battlefields of the Russian Front. The originals are not only hard to find but are also extremely expensive and heavy, some links weighing as much as 75 lbs. Our reproductions are cast in reinforced resin and are colored to match the originals. Cast in quality resin, they are not only light but also durable. All links are available individually and as multiple link track sections. All individual links are cast in the round and are exact copies of the originals. The track sections are unique wall mounts, reproductions of several feet of complete tank track. Each section consists of five to eight links. These mounts range in size from 1 x 2 foot to 4 x 4 foot.


Provenance of original links used in the reproduction

Each reproduction comes with a detailed description of the tank and the battlefield where the original track section/link was recovered. In addition each shipment will include a photographic reprint of an original German archival photo of the same type of tank. On this site you will find photos and descriptions of the available reproductions, historic battlefield information, prices and contact information.